Change Device Name?

Is it possible to change the device name? When a Pixel Blaze is in AP mode, you can name the AP. When it’s in client mode connected to my home router, I can set the strip name in settings, but when I look at my router’s connected devices list, it shows up as ESP_0BED0E, not the name in strip settings. Can I change that device name?

Also, the PixelBlaze discovery service is not finding my pixel blaze when it’s connected to my home router, is that right?

I think I could do that! Right now the name is only used for the Discovery Service and Firestorm, but there’s no reason I can’t use it for DHCP host name too.

As long as you have the Discovery Service checkbox enabled (during wifi setup), it should show up. Both devices need to be on the same network though.

any update on changing the device name? Also, what about static IP?

I haven’t added that yet. It’s a good idea, though it occurs to me that the initial name change wouldn’t be noticed for a while, but I’ll get that in next time I work on any of the networking code.

Static IP should be possible in setup mode at least for v2. I haven’t planned it for v3 yet. Does DHCP not work for you? If it’s not doing DHCP requests and you give it a static config, I don’t think it would show up in your router anymore, at least not as a named entry.

You are free to assign a fixed IP via DHCP if your DHCP server supports it.