Changing/controlling the PBv2's onboard status LEDs

Of all the things to try and find in this forum specifically searching for ‘LED’ gets tons of results and they’re all amazing (well done everyone, your projects look great!) but I would like to be able to change the onboard LEDs on my pixelblaze v2. The blue one is on the ESP board and the amber is designated D1 in the schematic and tied to GPIO12 via series resistor (100R).

I know I can get the soldering iron out and change the R values or remove the LEDs altogether but I’d prefer a less permanent solution.

Back to my original statement: Has this already been discussed/addressed somewhere? If so could you point me in that direction? If not then I suppose this should be in the ‘feature request’ category? Although I don’t know that Ben needs to put it in the firmware if it’s controllable/available in the user space.


The blue one is physically part of the module, and tied to data lines in a way that makes it pretty much on. The only option there is to remove, damage, or cover it with (like with paint or tape). You might be able to draw on it with a permanent marker and remove it later with alcohol.

The orange one is controllable as GPIO12 using the pinMode() and digitalWrite() APIs inside patterns. It will still be used during startup to indicate mode. Its just on or off though, no brightness control.

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Thank you sir, that’s the info I was looking for. :+1: