Chime in please what would you do?

I am thinking of installing ws2812b 60 led strips on this grid.

If you had the liberty for this, what would you do?

FWIW, my $0.02 as an occasional theater set builder… Without knowing what the space is going to be used for, it’s hard to make a call.

In general, I’d be tempted to not put lighting directly on the inside or outside of the window grid, but to make a matching or slightly offset grid that you could mount on or near the the inside of the glass.

If you wanted to control visibility to the interior, you could build it as a shoji screen with the lights firing across the paper. Or to keep the interior visible, build it from translucent diffusing channel or tubing with the LEDs inside and maybe just suspend it from the ceiling above the glass.

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Sorry for the late reply, its a electric kick scooter shop, specifically for the brand weped, which are known to have LEDs installed into the scooter’s body.

I was thinking about loading the grid, but someone mentioned that it may take away from the internal lights.

i am on the fence on this one.

IMO I think an acrylic sign in the shape of a scooter outline + some LEDs would be really cool. You could throw in some LED tracks and kind of replicate what you have going on with the scooters. Acrylic edge lit stuff is really nice and wouldn’t blind either indoors or outdoors.

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