Cloning PB (in AP mode) w/Firestorm

I want to clone a PB v2 that is set-up in AP mode. Is this possible? If yes, what is the procedure?


Hi @Kamehana,
I think that could work, but you’d need to connect both Firestorm and the other PB to your AP PB. The AP PB could either be your source or destination.

  1. Connect the computer/device that will run Firestorm to your AP PB.
  2. Connect the other PB to the AP PB.
  3. Launch Firestorm, open the webapp (likely on a low numbered IP like
  4. On the source PB entry within Firestorm, click Clone
  5. Select the destination PB, then click the red Clone button.

Thanks Wizard for the tip. Much appreciated!