Color Picker - How it Works

The color picker has a “color field” and a set of “color boxes”… how do they work/interact?

Am getting bizarre color behavior @ my end. Have fiddled with color order to no avail. Thanks!

Hi @JustPete,
If the colors on your LEDs don’t match the screen, you might need to change the Color Order setting. If this setting doesn’t match your LEDs, then red, green, and blue might be mixed up.

The color picker itself works like this:

Perfect! Now I can sort it out. Color order must be off and wasn’t absolutely sure what was what. Thanks!

Yup. Color sequence on this matrix is GRB… I guess that’s a thing.

yeah, I usually load one of the clearly defined color patterns (KITT for red, or the 2d pattern that does red/green/blue sweeps), when connecting a strand/panel I’m not sure of the RGB ordering. And then adjust until the color(s) look right.