Colors are all opposites of what I pick

I’m trying to finish a project before Halloween….I’ve gotten past building, soldering etc (where my skills lie) and onto the programming aspect of this, where I have almost no skill at all.

I’ve built a topper for my mailbox that looks a bit like a lighthouse. I’m trying to have it cycle through color choices when I push a button hidden underneath.

I’m using 4 of the 8 warm white rgbw led boards mounted to a piece of square aluminum as a heat sink. It lights up and gets ridiculously bright. I’ve got it turned down to about 10% while I figure this out.

I found a pattern called single color picker - wide or spot.

Whenever I pick a color the color using the picker the color displayed is totally different. Probably the complementary color maybe?

I’m also uncertain how I could stack this program in the playlist with different colors. I just want to toggle through the most popular colors and a warm white option when I press a button. I feel like this should be simple but I’ve spent a good hour or more already trying different things.

In the main settings pane, try choosing a different color order for your LED strip, or making sure the right KIND of LED strip is selected. For more details on that, see

My guess is you have correctly selected a RGBW strip, but with the RGB order mixed up. You can figure out the right order experimentally if the strip didn’t come well labeled.

Good advice from @ZacharyRD ! That should fix your wrong colors.

For loading it up with a bunch of colors, you’ll need a copy per color. You can put these all in a playlist, then the button will cycle through them. If you don’t want them to change automatically just set a huge time value for the playlist items. Then only the button will cause it to advance.

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Awesome, you nailed it…the color order was wrong in settings. This is the problem with dragging a project out over a month, I’d forgotten there were different options there!

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Wizard, I’ve got em’ lined up in the playlist and that part seems ready to go. Working through setting the time to an obscene length now. So far it’s 30 seconds no matter what. I tried 31,000,000 (almost a year), then 31,000….havent gotten it nailed yet.

It seems like I can just hit pause, and then cycle through the patterns using the button though. That’s good enough for now!

Now I can get this installed Tuesday morning and I’m ready to go. Thanks y’all!

Here’s the earlier version of the topper….i used fiber optics and a bulb in the post. The bulb is failing though and when set to white it’s noticeable shifted away from the color of the backlight of the numbers. It’s never been as bright as I wanted it anyways. The side emitting fiber optic tube has too much loss.

The next project will be swapping the numbers backlight over to a Pixelblaze compatible strip so they are both synced together.