Configure to use non-existing WIFI

Is there a way to configure the Pixelblaze to use a non-existing WIFI? I want to pre-configure a lot of boards for a client, and I do not have access to their WIFI directly.

Two different ways to skin the cats here -

  1. Bring your own router just for the pixelblazes!
  2. AP mode for each pixelblazes, after painfully setting up each one by one, give them unique names and the same passwords so it’s easy for you to log into the right ones.

Possible solution I haven’t tried:

  1. Set up wifi hotspot with your phone/laptop/desktop, and have everything to connect to your device.

What I want to do is to put the Pixelblaze into setup mode, connect and then enter an SSID there and password to connect to. Problem is that the Pixelblaze then checks if the network exists. It will not let you set an arbitrary SSID/password combination.

Use a PB (or any access point/router) set up to pretend to be the destination wifi with the same name and passphrase.

Then connect the PB you want to send to it, it should remember this and connect to the clients network when they power it up.