Connecting more than one LED strip to pixel blaze


I just got a PB and I have connected a single WS2812 strip to it and it is working nicely.

I was hoping to connect several additional 8 pixel stars to the PB as well.

Is this possible? I assumed the other pins could be used as additional outputs.

Due to the wiring of the project I will not be able to run this as one single chain of LEDs.


There is only one data output on the pixel blaze, but you can buy the expansion board which has 8 data outputs and you could use multiple expansion boards to support up to I think 64 separate data outputs.

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Ok, Thanks,

If you want them to all be the same, you can use the same output to drive multiple strips/chains. Otherwise you’ll need the output expander as @Sunandmooncouture mentioned.
If you have 9 total you’ll need 2 expanders, as the expander uses the output.

The other pins on the underside can be used for buttons or controlling other circuitry. They also can act as touch sensors.