Connecting new WS2812/APA expander

I am having a lot of frustration with the expander. I have a v2 PixelBlaze that happily drives a APA102 strip of 68 pixels. When I connect the expander to this blaze, and select the output expander as LED type - which shows a yellow light, and appears to have the updated firmware of 2.23, the menu pops up. Seems correct.

I attempt to drive this same APA102 strip by configuring the first channel to data, second to clock - nothing else. No output, but I do see the simulated pattern running at the top of the screen. What am I missing?

Hello @flipcorp,
The setting screen looks good.
It’s hard to see from the photo. Is the clock signal plugged into the output for channel 1 on the expander? The blue wire from the strip seems to go out of frame.

oh boy. I’m slow. I didn’t realize that I needed to physically connect the clock to the appropriately mapped channel (in this case channel 2). all good - thanks!

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No worries! Sometimes all it takes is another set of eyes.