Controlling to pixelblaze

Hi ,

I have one question before i order a pixelblaze.
I’m planning to use a set of WS2815 strips in a vehicle, and would like to control it just with my phone.

Do you need to have an wifi router or similar around to generate a network , so both the pixelblaze device and the phone connect to that network.
Or is it possible to run a pixelblaze without this network and straight on the AP the pixelblaze creates ?

Thank you for your advice !

The second is fine. Most led controllers based on esp8266 will create a new AP if they can’t find the AP they are supposed to connect to (or intentionally). And then your phone can connect to it. Pixelblaze does this, WLED does too. It’s just the smart way to do ESP setup too.

ah so it’s completly controllable with the AP it creates , meaning just a phone & the pixelblaze can communicate (just to make sure i understand right) ?

That’s correct! The Getting Started page goes through all the steps. You’d follow the “create AP” flow.

In your car, connect a phone to the WiFi the Pixelblaze creates and go to and you’ll see the control interface.

You may wish to test the 2.4Ghz reception in your car setup since there’s a lot of metal in a car. I’ve never tried, but hiding the PB board in the bumper might not provide a strong enough signal.

allright thats wonderfull ! ok so i am done with bluetooth thats nice, im gonna try it out, controller box can be mounted inside the car so i’ll see what it gives. Thx for the help !