Converted a number of patterns for use with FastLED

I’ve converted a number of simple PB patterns to use with FastLED and created a helper .h file for that.

I’ve included the original code for each pattern as well as attribution to PixelBlaze for each file.

Am just wondering if it’s OK to publish them on github?


Speaking for myself, I’d say if you give attribution and maybe a shout out to Pixelblaze and co., I’d be very happy to see any PB stuff that I’ve written ported to other platforms. I write 'em because they look cool and I want people to play with them!


Same here. Attribute and links please.


Hi @Johnny5canuck ,

If I put on my “I’m Not A Lawyer” hat for a moment…

The licensing / copyright permissions for shared patterns isn’t explicit unless mentioned in the pattern code. Automatic copyrights may apply. Implicit permission given is sharing with Pixelblaze users. When I include other folk’s patterns in distributions of Pixelblaze I ask for explicit permission.

That said, I don’t see why that would be a problem to post ports of them on GitHub unless an author objects. I would ask that you preserve any authorship and informational comments (the parts that still make sense) from the original patterns.

For attribution to Pixelblaze, could you use this text?

 * This code was adapted from a shared Pixelblaze pattern.
 * For more information about creating patterns with Pixelblaze and the
 * shared pattern library, see:

Thanks much!

The will also have several links to PixelBlaze stuff as well.

It’s not really a long term project, but more like a proof of concept for some of the basic PixelBlaze functionality.


That’s now been added to GitHub - atuline/PixelBlaze: PixelBlaze to FastLED conversions

If there’s any issues, let me know and I’ll be happy to update as required.

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Very nice. It’s ironic that I was hoping we’d see a porting of WLED and FastLED effects to PB patterns, and here you are going in the opposite direction. For the most part, I think the porting is on hold while we await some form of easy shared library answer, to avoid having to add to each pattern too much in the way of adding things like pallettes.

Yea, I’m a long time FastLED user . . from 2012, although my current PixelBlaze is version 2.5 with firmware upgrade to 2.17, so old enough.

I also noticed that you did a tixyland conversion, which is pretty cool. I’ll have to play around to that one of these days for the interpreter that @ewowi is working on for WLED.

Update: It turns out I have a 2.5 board, a 2.7 board, a sensor board, a driver board and now a 3.X board on order.

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Yeah I need to revise and improve that one, tixyland.

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