Could I get a sanity check on my wiring diagram?

I have three independent groups of LED strips I plan to control, through the pixelblaze and expander board.

RED = +
GREEN = Data

I’m not running any led power through the controller or expander.

I’d love some feedback on where things maybe look off or any areas for improvement! Thanks so much.

Looks good to me!

I’d suggest a fuse block like you have it potentially shown. You can do fuses per-channel or one before the Wagos.

Love it man! Thanks so much. This is my largest LED project to date and first time using pixelblaze so I just wanted a little confidence boost!

looks similiar to a setup i’m running. you can see a photo over at Properly grounding LED sign and frame, any pointers?

Ah nice! Thanks for that. Question - aren’t those fused terminal blocks rated for 30A? I assume you’re possibly pushing more than that through it given the 60A power supply. I’d love to use one of those for my entire project but was worried about the amp limit, so I’ll likely end up having to use a few if my understanding of the specs was correct. @timster

yes good observation! those terminal blocks are 30A overall. the 60A supply is there because its a leftover from a older project and the only other option i had was a 10A one, but the sign as it is configured right now doesn’t pull more than 200 watts, and only very briefly, for the all white flashes (i don’t run it at full brightness) so i’m kinda skating on the edge here.

it would be a fairly decent idea to get another one those terminal blocks and split the load… i mean all the money i’ve sunk into this, what’s another $30. :smile:

Awesome, that’s just even more confirmation I’m thinking along the right lines here! I have a 375watt “it’ll probably never happen but it could with full brightness and everything ON!” project going here =D

Thanks man. Going to order a few of those now.