Creating a user profile with only assign patter option

Here is an idea, pixelblaze can be controlled by anyone who gains access to it.

Is it possible to create a user account for people to log in, and play with the patterns and assign them as they wish, without them having the ability to EDIT any pattern or change settings?

in other words I want to demo my scooter, grant random people access to the pixelblaze and let them decide what pattern to see on the scooter. But I only want them to be able to assign the pattern, nothing else.

What do you say?

Hi @Wildersrobles,
There isn’t a password option, but you can turn on “simple UI mode” which turns off all the dangerous stuff. Visit your usual pixelblaze URL, and add ?setup to the end. That will enable a hidden tab “Advanced” where you can hit a checkbox to enable Simple UI Mode.

You can always go back to ?setup to edit things or turn off Simple UI Mode. It’s not secure since they could theoretically also load with ‘?setup’ but will keep folks in a demo from accidentally breaking things while still getting to try out different patterns.

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Thats perfect! excellent thank you so much!

please check your email :slight_smile: