Demo videos using PixelBlaze

Hi Guys,
Please take a peek the videos below using PixelBlaze as control.
Turn up your sound. hope you like!



Hey @AndyG!

This was awesome, thanks for sharing! I really like how the haze enhances the effect.

Are these LEDs lensed in any way? I was surprised at how narrow the beams seemed based on the thin volumetric effect in haze and narrowness of the projected spots on the ceiling in the second video.

I like the moire effect in this one - which pattern is this?

I got a lot of personal joy seeing the artificial synth simulators I built into the sound-based patterns rendered in such a cool setup. Thanks for sharing.

Very pleased you liked the video. The SkyLine units have 6 degree lenses which brings a whole new look to pixels. I am not sure which effect is in the screen shot, be we definitely used the “sound / pow pow” ones which look great, thanks for creating.
The skylines are mains powered and are IP67 so can be used predominately outdoors.

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