Discovery service without internet connection?

Can the PB discovery service be used without a connection to the internet? Would it work if I saved the page at to my hard drive, then opened that HTML file in my browser when I didn’t have internet?


I dunno, I’ve never used it … but while we’re on the topic, can I set the clock without using the discovery service?

From my understanding of how things work, saving this page offline will not allow the discovery service to work without a working DNS server to resolve and the server-side API code.

However, from the Getting Started page, you should be able to use:

nmap -sn | grep -i esp

to find local Pixelblaze IPs without an internet connection, assuming you’re using a typical home router that assigns IP addresses in the typical class C private range (192.168.0.*). Other typical ranges include and or 10.0.00/8 - looking at the form of IP address your computer was assigned will help choose which one to try with nmap. nmap comes on Linux and MacOS by default, but I think you might have to install it on Windows.

@sorceror I don’t think you can set the clock manually!?

Hope this helps!

If you have Python3 on your system, you can also use the PixelblazeEnumerator in both Python client libraries, either @nick_w’s (asynchronous), or mine (synchronous), to get a complete list of all the Pixelblazes on your network. (The links go to the relevant forum threads. Documentation and examples are in the github repositories for both libraries.)

If it’s not already on @wizard’s Giant List, it’d be great to add Zeroconf/Bonjour/Avahi support somewhere down the road.

Oh right! Or even Firestorm, which runs as a local node web server.

Thanks for the advice, everyone!