Do you need a heat sink?

Does anyone need a heat sink with a V3 standard? Mine gets warm and I’d rather not learn the expensive way.

Hi @afinefellow ,
You shouldn’t, but I have to ask, how warm is it getting? If it is uncomfortably hot to touch, something might be wrong. Are you powering it with 5V?

To put it in other terms, V3 will generate almost 0.9W (175mA * 5V) of heat under normal operating conditions.

You also shouldn’t be powering more than a few LEDs via USB, which would require the board handle the amperage. Your LEDs should be powered by the power supply and the PB should also be powered by the power supply. (So you can feed power in to both at once, and then data line (and clock line) runs from PB to LEDs

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Just to close this out. The chip seems fine after running for months. It gets a bit warm but not too bad.

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Thanks for the update!

Ooh this reminds me, the v3.22 beta has some power saving features that should help significantly. You can scale down the frequency or disable wifi (good for wearables).

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