DOA Pixelblaze V3?

I just got a new Pixelblaze V3 in the mail (firmware 3.12), and I was trying to get it set up on my network. I get connected to the WiFi setup page just fine, and it sees my home network, and it connects once I authenticate, and then I can find it with the discovery service and start loading a page; getting the spinning cube…

Then the page times out. All subsequent attempts to load the page timeout quickly, and I can’t even ping the Pixelblaze (“Destination Host Unreachable”) and I have to hold down the button to start the process over again.

I made sure the WiFi antenna was clear of all obstacles. I thought it might be a power supply issue, so I switched from my regular charger to a 2.5A USB power supply. Same thing.

The only other indicator I see is a garbage SSID showing up when I scan my WiFi, which (given the strength and the timing) seems to be the Pixelblaze. Is there anything else I can do here? This seems to be pretty much dead?

Oh, I almost forgot. I haven’t hooked any LEDs up to it yet. Just the plain board hooked to a 2.5A USB power supply. Nothing else.

Hi @jason0x21 ,
Once you have it connected to your network, you don’t need to hold the button to put it back in setup mode. If anything, giving it a power cycle should bring it back.

3.12 is pretty old firmware, and hopefully if we can get it up and running long enough to update things will improve.

Can you get it connected, and try some different browsers? If that doesn’t work, can you set it up in AP mode and connect successfully?

Can you load the update page (add /update to the URL)?

I did try a different browser or two, but that was after the first browser I tried and before power cycling. Huh.

So, trying to access it from Firefox on Linux seems to cause it to go into the weird state I described above. If I power cycle it and don’t try Firefox on Linux, then I can use other browsers just fine. Going from Chrome on Linux (or Firefox on Windows) seems to be fine (and I managed to update cleanly to v3.20). I guess I can just continue to use a different browser on Linux than I usually use, but if you want me to debug this more let me know. Thanks!

Just checked Firefox on Linux with the new firmware and it works fine now. Great!

That sounds just like this thread: Pixelblaze V3 Network Lockup when accessing with Firefox - #5 by TechDoctor

In that thread the v3.16 update fixed the issue, glad to hear you are up and running with the latest too!

I did not have any luck with network mode using my Android phone. I can get it to connect one time but as soon as I disconnect Wi-Fi and try to reconnect it will not work. Ap mode works fantastic though and Ive just been rolling with that. Really only need network mode to upgrade PB firmware when it’s available.