Dockerizing Firestorm

I am working on dockerizing the Firestorm repo because I hate running things locally, but that should also enable any architecture that can run docker to run firestorm.

If others are interested, I can push my changes upstream. Hoping to have it all sorted out this evening.

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Yes, that would be awesome!

Still working on trying to get this working. I think the port stuff is tricky with how this tries to find any pb’s on the network.

The Pixelblaze discovery stuff uses port 1889 over UDP. The web server defaults to port 80 TCP. I think it would need something like this:

EXPOSE 1889/udp
EXPOSE 80/tcp

Then to run using port 8080 for the web server on the host, these can be remapped (the PB UDP port cannot).

-p 1889:1889/udp -p 8080:80/tcp

You will most likely need to use --net host if you need to listen for any boardcast of multicast traffic

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I am trying to get it working with docker compose (I find that’s easier to manage ports and volumes rather than straight up docker commands). I can push up my branch this evening and see if we can get it working.

Ok, I have things mostly working, just need to test a few more bits, will push up this evening!

Ok, I have a PR up: Dockerize repo by hex337 · Pull Request #40 · simap/Firestorm · GitHub

Would love to have some others try it out.

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Ok, after a lot of poking around, it looks like the multicast networking won’t work for mac or windows, so this would only work on linux. Going to shelve this for now, and will try again if they get host networking to work for other architectures.