Does anyone know a source

Does anyone know a source for 12mm 4pin connectors for the SK9822 led strips? I’d like to be able to do some 90 degree bends. Everything I see is 4 pin 10mm or 5pin 12mm.


Are you looking for the JST connectors or some kind of direct to strip connector?

This has both, but I would caution that the connectors that press on to led strips look like they might not handle large currents:

Are those the 10mm things you are seeing, and not wide enough?

Yes, that’s them but the SK9822 is 4pin 12mm. I’d be willing to give them a try if I can find them. Two 5m 144 strings of SK9822 is less than 5 amps during color operation. My supply is good to around 15 amps.
They even make some (10mm) that are wired in between to make just about any corner. I could cut and solder wires but this looked a little cleaner.

You can use 90 degree connectors if you want, but personally I gave up on those and just bend the strips into a 90 degree turn. One of my designs has been running for over a year with no ill effects.

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Adding on to @Fishman741’s suggestion with an idea:

If your LED strip is too tight for a bend, you can desolder one of the LEDs and solder a jumper wire across for data (and clock if using a 4-wire strip) to get a bit more room for a bend, which might be a little less work than cutting and splicing.

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