Does Electromage have social media accounts?

The Pixelblaze ecosystem is exactly what I needed, and has been an absolute godsend. I have evangelized it to my whole camp, even a coworker who is also going to the burn. I will continue to tell people how awesome it is, because it is awesome.

I am posting my build progress to my insta story and I’ve been getting some questions about the setup. I’d like to tag Electromage so that people can find their way to the products. Is there an Instagram account? If there isn’t, I humbly suggest that you should have one, showcasing people’s builds.

I honestly don’t remember how I first heard of Pixelblaze. But I do know that I wish I’d heard about it sooner.

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Wow, thank you for the kind words!

I do have an official IG, haven’t had time to post much. Hope to soon! It has been a busy year and this time of year is especially busy for some reason :laughing:

Twitter @ledmage

Tag #pixelblaze pretty much everywhere.


There’s lots of cool projects retweeted on the Twitter account, nice!