Does Pixelblaze support GS8208?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anybody can confirm whether or not, the GS8208 works with the Pixelblaze?

I have a 12v battery driven project.
Therefore I have to be a bit “Conservative” with the power management.
Initially I was looking at the WS2815, but it uses so much power doing anything.

So I was thinking of the GS8208 instead, it has better power management, + extra features like gamma control.
However, I don’t seem to be able to locate whether it’s supported or not by the PB?

Also. If you have any suggestions for a better type of strip (Must be 12v), then let me know please!
This project is still in the planning stage.

Currently the project is scaled to be using 40 meters of LED’s (60 pr m).


  • Mads

Hey Mads!

Check out this thread on the GS8208:

Thank you, just what I was looking for.

Seems like it might be a poor choice in the end.

@Madsmaten -

I want to revise my view based on real world experience with some. They’re pretty cool on Pixelblaze v3. I detailed my measurements here, in that original topic.