Downloading Patterns to playlist for halloween

First I’ll just say i wish i knew about the PB several years ago! Last year I finally installed outdoor LED strip lighting under the soffit on my house with the desire to spice up my “haunted garage” during Halloween. I saw this really cool flame effect created by a former Windows programmer who goes by Dave. His youtube channel is called Daves Garage and he had super cool flame and bounce effects that I was looking for. Needless to say, the strips of LEDs I bought were not supported by the FASTLED library so I had to use canned basic programs. With the PB I am hoping i can find some really cool flame effects for my roofline in time for Halloween. I am running the Sparkfire one right now just fine, but I want to see if there are better flame effects out there. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Embarrasingly enough though, I cant seem to find instructions or a method to download files onto my PB. I have Doom Fire.epe on my PC and I can’t figure out how to get it onto my PB. I have to be missing something… please help

Okay, I just figured out how to download to the board.
Now any suggestions on cool flame or halloween effects for strip (i guess 1D?) leds on the roofline?

I’ll assume your lights are horizontal mostly?
That makes really awesome 1D flame effects difficult… Flames travel upwards not across.

Dave’s Garage is nice…

Notice the flame effect sideways compared to when it runs vertical, or in bulk directions (like his umbrella)

Meteors runs horizontal, that’s likely the best effect for you…

For Halloween, you probably want more spooky effects, like ghostly lights that drift around.

Again, vertical lights make some things much easier, like dripping blood or green ooze. That won’t look nearly as real running horizontal.

Ok, all of that said, sounds like it’s time for a contest:

1D Horizontal Halloween 2021 patterns!

You said they are diagonal? Post a photo of them (lit up if possible)?

Dang…I get an error message that says new users cannot upload.
The attachment says it is processing so maybe it will upload soon. Basically, the lights run diagonally “upward” along three gables on the front of the house. Upward means the data input starts at the bottom of the gable and moves up. Each side of each gable is its own channel so the effects are symmetric. The spark fire effect does look kinda cool. I was hoping there was one in the libraries similar to Daves Gargage where the flame has a random flicker here and there. I really wish I could code this stuff…maybe in time.
Cool effect would be spooky eyes randomly appearing and fading away or even a slime effect dripping “downward”. Well hopefully the video uploads soon so you can at least see what I had for last year. It was just a silly canned program in the only controller I found to drive the LEDs. I will be without internet later today but I can check back when I get service again.
Processing: IMG_3353.mp4…

with spark-fire pattern running (no edits)