Drop-Down style menus

Hi all, I am new to pixel blaze but I am picking stuff up and learning as quickly as I am capable. As I have been looking at all of the patterns I have noticed that the slider is the main way to set a value on the user side. Is it currently possible to do a dropdown menu for preset values or more precise values since the sliders can be a little finicky? Thanks for any help, happy to be here.

Yep, slider was the first input control, other than color pickers.
We now have toggles and number inputs, and some output controls that can be used to give some feedback.

Often folks will multiply the slider by some number, then floor that to get a step-like function for a number between 0 and n. It’s not the same, but works well for some things.

I do hope to add a proper dropdown menu, but will need to come up with a better way of presenting many options beyond the simple naming convention for existing controls.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve been using the slider and floor method like you suggested, so I will keep using that until some sort of dropdown or different menu is implemented. Thanks!