Editing default website with custom speed slider? Or Preview on own website


I’ve added a speed and a hue variable to all my patterns to adjust the base speed/hue. I’m wondering if its possible for me to edit the default website the pixelblaze loads so I can just add a slider to adjust those two values for the current pattern, or if I need to code my own app to send those.

If I do write my own site, is the preview element on the front end available as open source for me to duplicate? I really like that aspect of the default pixelblaze website, and don’t know how I’d recreate that on my own.

Nevermind, I have found the slider function which is what I needed.


Would you mind posting your code for your speed slider? I like slowing things down and am interested in how you do it, especially if you have a generic way that works for multiple kinds of different patterns. Thanks.