Editor/highlighting wonkyness in v2.27

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this and might have a work around…
after updating to v2.27 I noticed from time to time my cursor seemed to be displayed one character to the right of where edits where taking place. I’ve narrowed it down to the syntax highlighting of keywords like floor. This can easily be seen in Mapping with either the Matrix example or pasting in Math.floor(1 / 10)
In fact, just typing in fl I notice the font becomes stylized like they’re merged into a single character. Some kind of font wonkyness that Ace cannot handle?


Hi @captain_morgan ,
Weird! I don’t see that issue on my PBs with 2.27. It sounds like some kind of OS text input or browser thing that is trying to help you type some of the fancy unicode characters, like U+FB02 the “fl” character.

If you type “ae” do you get “æ” by chance? Like does “aether” become “æther” Can you cursor around it like a single character, and copy paste it here? Does the parser still accept your Math.floor(1 / 10) expression?

That ae concatination is exactly what I was thinking but even more oddly, that works fine. It parses just fine too and thankfully only affects the rest of the line.

I disabled all .ace_* class font declarations and it still occurs. It does not occur on ace.c9.io
This is also happening on 2.23

This seems to be a fix.

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Right, ligatures was the word I was looking for. Thanks for the heads up. Does this break things for you, or is it just annoying?

Just annoying. And I only just realize that was CSS and not an Ace config, it doesn’t work straight off the bat. If I find something via CSS that’ll fix it I’ll follow up.

Ah! That one does work, it just needs to be on the .ace_content class definition. A shame there is a 2 year old open PR for this…

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