Electric Sheep Catcher

Bit of a teaser… This is wired via the stock controller of the pixel string still (the weird memory fairy pixels), and I have to solder on the connector for the PB, and map it still but…

It’s 18 inches across, 60 pixels in the rim (clock is one thing it’ll do that way), 90 pixels in the web. Likely I’ll do another bigger one, perhaps with same tubing, or maybe not (it was flimsy, and needed some stronger wire inside for shape, but I like that it’s got grooves on the outside so it grips the wire loops.

Messy and a first attempt, but even without the PB, it’s pretty snazzy looking.

Mapping: I’m debating how to map it. I may try @wizard’s photo mapper, for a first go, but likely I’ll only use that until I write up a better mapper assistant. I want something that will let me light single pixels on demand, so I can measure (polar! Radius and Angle!) way more easily.

Once it’s mapped, I expect to do not only a clock, but also a pseudo Stargate: the outer ring of 60 will roll, find one of the twelve outer pairs of pixels and 'lock Chevron", etc and then it’ll do a warp-y inside.

More once it’s up and running, and of course all of the code will be shared.


cool idea! I’ve also wanted to do a stargate and dialer. I had forgotten about that.
I swear I have more ideas than time. :slight_smile: My wife has told me no new projects until I start finishing old ones… she is no fun!! :smiley:

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+1 for Stargate, +2 if you can get it to dial the Destiny! If you can get to a home improvement store, see if they’ve got any 1/2 or 3/4 white PEX tubing. It’s very translucent, and seems like about the perfect stiffness for this.


That moment when you realize you miscounted and don’t have 60 pixels on your outer ring. Sigh.

I need to finish my rebuild of this…