ElectroMage shop, 10% discounts through Monday

I’ve opened up a new shop! Check it out, let me know what you think!

It’s still a bit new and I have a few more items to add, and soon I will be adding a few exclusive items.

Also, it’s the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale time again, with 10% off everything in the store.

My Tindie shop will remain open for existing products, but the new shop will become the default and will have exclusive items and discounts not available on the Tindie shop in the future.


Do you do worldwide shipping? (or at least The Netherlands :relaxed:?)

It should have DHL and USPS options.

Great! I will try it next time. This time I took advantage of the Tindie sale!

Yeah, I see Tindie discount but not new store… Did the 10% discount happen? (I referred people on Reddit)

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Yes, but the way those discounts work on that platform you have to add things to your cart first… I might have to wrangle some more template code to make it show on the page…

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Or at least add some “Sale!” Text to the main store page.

Done, there’s an announcement bar up top that I switched.