Ensuring pixelblaze sync works in the TTITD?

Just finished the final touches on the wiring for the Backfire sign when it a thought came to mind, how to make sure the sync works out in the playa? There wont be any wifi - so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t run into any troubles? Do I need to switch the lead to the AP mode and have the follower join it?

Pixelblaze was designed to work out in the desert with no internet. Even the editor is completely self contained.

Yes, use one PB in AP mode for a stand alone system without needing any other equipment.

The AP doesn’t necessarily have to also be the leader. You could have multiple groups on a single AP. However, AP mode is limited to 10 clients.

For more clients I recommend a low end TP link. These can sometime be found for around $20 and some can be powered over usb.


Other travel routers should work as well.

ok great!! no need for a big or multi-group. just the two PB you see in the photo. it’ll be running all week so i just want the two parts to stay in sync all week. thats all i need. :smiley:

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