Everything seems fine, except no lights! [fixed]

Hey Team,

The other day I turned on an enclosed, previously working unit and got no lights.

The app seems fine - checked brightness, number of LEDs, flipped the scheduler on and off again etc.
The strip is fine - I have tested on on other PBs.
I have multi meter tested the path (it’s not direct - goes into a wago connector, is soldered to some banana sockets, with banana plugs then joining to a standard three pin hjeader - but the main thing is I get 0 resistance pin to pin from the screw terminals on the PB through to the LED pins)

I can see there is a ‘wifi reset mode’, but I can’t see that fixing the problem if it only clears the wifi settings.

Any tips?

Hmm. I think it must have been some loose wiring somewhere…maybe the banana plugs.

I have reseated everything and it seems to be working now.

Stand down. :slight_smile:


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