External Button doesn't work

I have a momentary button I got from Amazon (Wired exactly like the diagram below). But I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve got the middle pin (NO) connected to the BTN pad on the bottom, and the - pin connected to the GND on both the power supply and the pixelblaze. The bottom middle pin and the + pin are connected to the postive of the battery. The button is lit, so I know the power’s all set right.

Am I missing something? or did I connect it incorrectly?

I figured it out. This wiring diagram is wrong. At least it is for this.

Hey Nick!

The BTN pad is normally meant to be “pulled down” to the GND level when you want to activate it momentarily to switch patterns (or hold to reset wifi).

You want to make sure your switch connection to BTN is normally floating (not connected to anything), and then connects that pad to ground when the button is pushed.

I think that means the middle bottom (looks labeled “C”, for “common” maybe?) should be connected to ground instead of +. Then you can have BTN connected to NO - Normally Open.

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Oh also - based on the text in the diagram “push the again, the load is deenergized” - is this a momentary button, or perhaps a toggle?

Thanks Jeff :slight_smile:

Yeah, I figured out the proper way to connect it. You’re correct, C has to connect to the GND instead of +.

The text is wrong. It’s a momentary button. They mislabeled it or mistranslated something :stuck_out_tongue:

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