Fail-safe mode has kicked in

Here is the error message I just saw after loading the Sequencer page. Please know that I’ve had trouble with this board before but assumed it to be an internet bug.

“The controller has restarted from repeated errors and has loaded fail-safe settings. Proceed with caution - using this interface may persist fail-safe settings.”

Does this mean I might brick my PixelBlaze by using the Sequencer page?


It means it’s crashing, could be power related. Power it off for a while, then back on to restore settings.

Try it with lower brightness setting, see if that helps!

Thanks for responding. It’s been disconnected for over 3 weeks now as I’ve been using a different PB with no issues. I will disconnect then try again tomorrow and report my findings. As far as power goes, I’m running “Quiet Blinkfade” so power draw is limited.