Faking button press on GPIO0 / change pattern button

Two part question:

  1. What pin is the momentary GPIO0 / change pattern button on?
  2. If I digitalWrite that pin to HIGH or LOW, could I fake a button press?

Backstory: I am going to have to place my PB in a location that cannot be easily reached and would love to have an accessible analog button to quickly change patterns if a phone is also not accessible. If I understand my own logic correctly, I will have to add a function to every pattern to both read the analog button state and then when that state changes, set that GPIO0 pin to fake a change-pattern button press.

If I understand you correctly, you want to mount the PB in a place you can’t easily reach it, but run a button from it to someplace else, and wonder what else you’d need to do.

If you want to solder a switch/button on, I believe you’re all set, there are pads well labeled, GND and BTN, to solder to.

No change needed, otherwise.

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You are 100% correct, I can just solder directly to the button pads underneath. My eyes literally passed over them. Did not compute.