Feature request - 'Edit pattern' button in the playlist list

I have a playlist of the patterns that I want to regularly use, but, if I want to edit one of those patterns, I have to search-in-page to find the ‘edit’ button in the long pattern list, rather than jump straight to edit from the highlighted row in the smaller playlist list.

So I’d like to request the ‘edit’ buttons are also placed here where the yellow box is:

(And also I’m struggling to know how to turn off the automatic moving to next playlist after 9999 seconds - changing the number to 0 means it moves to the next right away. I guess it’s the Pause/Play button but it’s the age-old problem of, is it showing the current mode OR is it showing what mode you’ll get if you press the button…)

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Yeah, that would be handy, though the pattern currently running should also be highlighted in the saved patterns list.

You can use a larger number in a playlist. You can enter an absurdly large number and it will limit it to the max it allows, and you’ll see that the next time you edit the playlist. FWIW, the limit is 4294967.29 - about 50 days.

Ah thanks, good idea - I’ve put in a huge number now!