Feature Request: Extend mapping to 1D

It would be nice to be able to remap pixels in a 1D world. For example, I have 2 x 2m strips running up each side of my window. There are connected at the top to a single PixelBlaze. Sequential patterns run up one wall, and then down the other. By allowing mapping of 1D pixels I could try various other methods of running patterns.


Say I have 2 50 pixel strips. Currently they run as pixels 1-100 (ignoring they really start at 0 for this example.

I could map pixels 1-50 to 1-50, and then pixels 51-100 in a descending order of 100-51. So light pixel 50 lights the top of one strip, but lighting 51 would light the bottom of the second strip not the top.

Alternatively I might map alternate pixels to each side. So 1 is left Pixel 1, 2 is right pixel 1, 3 is left pixel 2, 4 is left pixel 2 etc etc.

Lots of interesting affects can be done this way.

Of course it’s not hard to do explicitly in each pattern - I currently have an ‘effectivepixel’ calculated from the index at the start. However this has to be done for each pattern and means each pattern needs to be unique to your setup. It would great to have a mapping function for this.