Feature Request - Links to other controllers in web interface

This is definitely a not necessary minor quality of life request, but it would be great if switching between controllers could be done from the controller interface itself. Basically the same thing that the discovery service does, but presented somewhere like the top bar of the web interface.

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Hi @teaderechoweb,
Thanks for the post, I just wanted to say this is definitely on the list!

Just had another thought to do with this. Each controller has a unique 7 digit ID It would be nice if you could change this ID to something more meaningful in setup. If you have 6 controllers renaming the IDs to be 1 to 6 would be useful, and a lot easier to then fault find as a single digit number or even a three digit number its easier to spot a mistake or actually remember than controller six is 106.

I do this with browser tabs, where it would be nice if the PB name was in the tab, which would encourage me to change names from the defaults! I agree it would be nice right in the UI, since it would enable things like broadcasting variable changes to all live PBs. Should be kept coherent with the more code-driven MIDI/OSC thinking.

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@TechDoctor ,
You can rename them on the settings tab, they just default to Pixelblaze_XXXXXX.

@sorceror, good idea, I think other’s have requested that as well.

On the same topic, I’m looking at adding mdns as well so you could get it it via name, e.g. mypixelblazename.local

Thats not quite what I mean. Its the 7 digit ID that Fireblaze uses. You get this when you use the /discover command.

Ah. Those IDs are the unique IDs of the devices. It would be possible to expand the API to accept names as an alternative for commands, but the IDs are not changeable. I could see that saving a step on the client side.