Feature Request: Run Pattern on Power-Up, Auto Power-On and Auto Power-Off

I am using a GPIO to enable/disable the ATX power supply I’m using to power my LEDs (the PixelBlaze itself is running off the 5V standby, so always on when PSU has power). Two lines at the start of my patterns enable the PSU, so that’s fine, and I have another pattern that disables it. The issue is the if the scheduled power off feature is used, there is no way to run that power-off pattern to disable the PSU.

Would it be possible to let the user select the default pattern (or playlist or shuffle mode) on power on and scheduled power-on, and select a pattern to run on scheduled power-off?

Alternatively, an option to set a GPIO to track the LED status (so pulled high if any LEDs are showing anything, low if brightness set to 0 or scheduled power off)?

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