Firestorm clone from V3 to V2+ not working

I’m having trouble cloning with Firestorm from a V3 Pico (firmware 3.12) to a V2+ (firmware 2.25). I’ve successfully used this same installation of Firestorm to clone between two V2+ units, but was wondering if there’s some issue doing it between different PB hardware versions. Here’s what Firestorm shows, and the cloning process never seem to complete. The V3 is at, and the V2+ is at Any ideas what’s happening? Thanks in advance!

C:\install\_swdev\packages\Firestorm\Firestorm-master>yarn server
yarn run v1.22.5
warning ..\..\..\..\..\package.json: No license field
$ node server
listening on 3000
> Pixelblaze Discovery Server listening on 1889
connected to
sending to 6971602 at {"getConfig":true,"listPrograms":true,"sendUpdates":false}
connected to
sending to 1326676 at {"getConfig":true,"listPrograms":true,"sendUpdates":false}
clonePrograms { from: 1326676, to: [] }
sending to 1326676 at {"getConfig":true,"listPrograms":true}
getting programuSDprvKsfmKv722Pw from
getting programaE5YEvSnbXWsu5ob2 from
getting program36h5YYz2jeCqkiZjj from
getting programFxwNyX6zQZAusmaKc from
getting programaRQN3PrptmG4zdGXr from
getting program7XT2JNLkLaXc3erFX from
getting programiYDPEfGzNLkCiHdnG from
getting programD2xuondCcLLi2jvMr from
getting programQvqmzcuci43MSBYij from
getting programpxH7PgGxoM7WPrFWs from
getting programvkpGsR88dcJmXfevp from
getting program9YNBonyhXfyFjpYzJ from
getting programRFQ83888m35aJfJMZ from
getting programro9Gei457fBoxop9Y from
getting programKtjben4j36Wqxnk8N from
getting programTkPYS2XhdyGYxZz8y from
getting program7Ju7GPHN7A6STrrxL from
getting program4Loof6CZmryBi5mGd from
getting programSjRfgcSSYXWAunFjZ from
getting programus3eB9nzTuifSTXzK from
getting programA5esgP2KqfwLzwbLP from
getting programnaDzrf7nK4HLFWBcW from
getting programaabwwBMMCEHQ8yLij from
getting programHEn3sPAtZez2JRJcM from
getting programBxgkrQTHPkhcM6a24 from
getting programQqZqNsLmk2CAvheRR from
getting programvmCXgwbox8nCBqQig from
getting programBvZoMSk6wu37yZ8zY from
getting programLR4KPE7qNStxaFMaA from
getting program8gjB89jqQojktXgc4 from
getting programwDn9FrZh8zZfKweL4 from
getting programTQMWygxoH8bnpZMWf from
getting programp49GpaZRpfGHPNGuX from
getting programLovYqewqXjNBhdGYL from
getting programZ6aFtRCE3AkpcP2E8 from
getting program5oaoxbPRNaJuX86yG from
getting programkuJfFyCSkCKNasyNE from
getting programwPnJGj5d5hzgeLbZD from
getting programFvhhj7uo6xaDciS46 from
getting programA8P6jQMBvTTfoPEwA from
getting programQ5WqRki8CanTF3n9s from
getting program8pcj483btM54uKnAc from
getting programvXGvYT7tqJCsCKfiD from
getting programFaJD9BrFGvxoSQ2Rg from

From the log, it looks like there is no destination selected:

clonePrograms { from: 1326676, to: [] }

The pattern files are mostly compatible, but there are some changes that may cause V2 and V3 patterns to not work when cloned across the major versions. Mostly around the GPIO/analog/touch and new array APIs.

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Doh! I forgot to tick the checkbox of the destination PB before hitting Clone. Thanks!