Firestorm is crashing Pixelplazes

I have a strange issue. I have 10 Pixelblazes and one Firestorm instance. Running on a RP4 with hostapd. I selected a pattern (I think millipede) in Firestorm. Suddenly all PB could not be controlled anymore. After powercycling the PBs work normally now as long as Firestorm is not running. If I start Firestorm I cannot connect to the PBs anymore, the websocket connection cannot be established. Also, all PBs appear as Pixelblaze_XXXXXXXX in the Firestorm list, where XXXXXXX is a number and not the alphanumeric pattern I know from the setup SSIDs.

I have to stop Firestorm and powercycle the PBs to gain access again. Also, on the recovery.html page, the device data is not loaded after I activate Firestorm.

Any ideas how to reset Firestorm to regain access with it?

Here a screenshot of Firestorm with the strange Pixelblaze names.

Ok, got it. @wizard, see here:

TypeError: console.err is not a function
at PixelblazeController.handleMessage (/home/pi/Firestorm/app/controller.js:115:17)

Are you sure that your pixelblazes are getting enough power, and isn’t browning out?

I corrected the above mentioned line in the Firestorm code and now it’s running smoothly.

Submitted pull request: Fix typo by wackazong · Pull Request #34 · simap/Firestorm · GitHub

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Thank you @wackazong ! I merged your PR. I wonder why that case was getting hit?

Yeah, me too :sweat_smile: No idea. I am pretty sure it occured after switching to the millipede pattern. I can try to reproduce it in the next days.

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