Firestorm PB List

Hi all,

Bit of a lurker, first time poster. Finished my first PB/Firestorm pi install and was curious how Firestorm organizes PB names. Doesn’t seem alphabetically.

Future request would be a PB sort feature in Firestorm.

Over all, love the PB’s and integration. I’ve been looking both off shelf and diy for a good year, only PB came close to hitting them all.



example of my attempt to sort alphabetically

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Hi @oobomogo ,
Oops! Fixed that, it was a pretty east change, something I’ve overlooked until you pointed that out! If you update Firestorm they should lexicographically sort (same as pattern names).


Thank you! TIL “lexicographically”

@wizard, pattern names are sorted alphabetically but could we have them case-insensitively?

FYI @wizard it appears the edit is also needed for PB’s listed to individual patterns. Cheers