Firestorm Question

Curious if Firestorm has a command for ‘next pattern’ or a way to do a randomized pattern. I currently have Firestorm running on an ubuntu VM controlling a few (more to come PBs). I have some smart switches that use Webcore to issue GET requests to firestorm to ‘turn off’ and ‘turn on to a default pattern’ the PBs.

What I would like to do is be able to assign an action from the switch that increments or changes the pattern. I know I can load the patterns into an array in Webcore and do a randomized selection from that list, but that’s more overhead than I want to give to Webcore.

So back to my initial hope, that there is a command that can be used to increment or change the pattern in firestorm that I can leverage.

Am I out of luck and if so, is Firestorm getting an update at any point, where this could be added! Thanks in advance!


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@ffingers, looking quickly through the Firestorm code, I don’t see a direct way to do that. (I’m not a Firestorm expert though – @Wizard would know for sure.)

At the moment, storing the pattern names in Webcore and selecting them sequentially (or at random) as you mentioned looks like the easiest option.

I just got Firestorm working on an RPi. Next pattern would be an awesome add! Also, adding sliders to control each pattern’s variables would be neat as well.

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