Firestorm Refresh

When I add/delete patterns on multiple PixelBlazes connected to Firestorm, the Firestorm pi doesn’t pick up the changes in available patterns when I refresh the page. Looks like I need to reboot the pi to recognize changes. Would it be possible to add a refresh patterns button to the firestorm UI?

Yeah, I think that would be useful. It will re-scan if PB drops off, so resetting PB or Firestorm will do it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to add a refresh API and button to Firestorm for a more user friendly method :slight_smile:
I’ll try to get this next time I have a moment, unless you or someone else beats me to it.

If I have the firestorm tab open in chrome, the sequencer keeps cycling through patterns. If I close the tab, then all of the PBs stay on the last pattern. Is this the designed behavior? I would have expected closing the tab to have no effect on behavior and the sequencer would continue cycling through patterns.

Yeah, the Firestorm sequencer comes from a generous contribution from Scott Balay (zenblender). It’s implemented client-side, so your browser is key for it to work.

Okay, so instead of running firestorm from the browser from another machine then closing the browser, I ran the browser on the pi running firestorm over VNC, then closing the VNC session leaves the browser open on the firestorm pi. Pattern sequencer is still cycling patterns without any other connection.

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