Firestorm update - clone patterns

Firestorm can now clone patterns from one Pixelblaze to one or more other Pixelblazes on the network. This can help with pattern deployment. Also, the long awaited refresh button makes an appearance :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!

Note that cloning makes the destinations exactly match, it will delete and overwrite, so use it only if you really want an exact copy!

PS I haven’t had a chance to test and update the docs for a Raspberry Pi install, if anyone has done that recently and would like to contribute I’d love to get that updated.


I installed it on my “experiment playground” 3B+ (Raspbian 10) this morning. Works great. Immediately saw the 3 pixelblazes I had running. The installation instructions were fine. It runs both with and without PM2. Since this machine already has nginx running on port 80, I set Firestorm up to use another port, without using authbind.