Freezing - Blue & Amber Blinky Lights

So I have problems with multiple PB esp-12s v2.15
Trying like 5 different setups here and they jam up for different reasons.
The things lock up for different reasons blue and amber lights blink.
Any idea what might be going on?
I can’t find a common reason here.
What are the light error codes?

One freezes and the amber light comes only when I try an http get request to load the web interface.
Other one freezes if LEDs are hooked up after a few seconds.
Another doesn’t like doing a full 300 LED real but is ok up to 200ish

I’ve tried different projects.
Several types of LEDs. APA, WS stuff
Different power supplies, 12v, 5v, USB, 3.3v, Variable Bench PS.
Different Types of LEDs
Wifi AP vs Network join

Also one of the LEDs flicker once every few seconds but I suspect its the supply. Even though I bought WS2813 from Ray Wu they only work on APA?

The blue led is usually on when there is power. It is connected to the data line, and there’s almost always data going out. If it is going out or blinking or blipping out periodically and you can’t connect, it usually means PB is being reset. The most common cause of this is a power issue.

To isolate power issues, remove PB from the LEDs and power supply, and connect it to a computer with a USB cable. If it powers on and can be used over WiFi, then it is likely a power issue.

The amber led will glow dimly when PB is in reset until PB boots and comes online. It’s usually only doing that for a split second during boot. If the button is held or gp0 is is shorted during power on, it won’t boot and the amber LED would be dimly lit.

Power issues may manifest when LEDs draw too much power and the voltage drops too low for PB, or if the power supply is weak, even wifi can cause it to reset.

Noise from the LEDs can also cause problems in some cases. Sometimes adding capacitors helps, but if all else fails, Pixelblaze can be powered separately from the LEDs.

Pixelblaze v2+ has protection for voltages higher than 5, but will run for a short time on higher voltages (though your LEDs might not be so lucky), up to 18v without damage. However it can’t sustain that, and the regulator will get hot and eventually thermal protection will kick in.