Frustrating Issues Again

I love PixelBlaze. I really do. But getting the units to work with my computer drives me to the point of tears. I can never seem to do the same thing twice.

I have a V2 (I think) that was working just fine. Configured as an AP. It was running an LED WS2812 string just fine. I went to “login” to the device to change patterns and the password (which I very carefully wrote down) DOES NOT WORK. I wrote it down twice on two pages and the old password has-ceased-to-exist.

So I decided to reset the thing and set-up a new password. So now all I get is a bare bones page that says;

Credentials Saved. Trying to connect ESP to network. If it fails reconnect to AP and try again.

I have never seen this page before. I have connected to at least six PixelBlazes. And never had this problem or seen this page.

The PixelBlaze is to repeat, a wonderful tool. But for me, who just wants some pretty lights and no idea what an AP or WiFi means in this context and why I can never go back to these devices and get the same thing to happen twice in a row, it drives me mad.

Every time I start it feels like I’m starting from scratch and it is just a matter of luck if I can get anything to work.

Thanks in advance for any help.

An Update.

At this point the PixelBlaze is not showing up on my list of networks. It is drawing about 70mA static and 400mA when hooked up to the WS2812. And no LEDs are turning on.

At this point I believe that the PB is dead. is there any final test to see if this is true?

the WS2812 LED array is working since it runs when I hook it up to a Chinese driver.

Any clues?

  1. What does the message “Credentials Saved” mean?

  2. How can you decide if a PixelBlaze is dead?

Hi Alan,

I’ve had something similar happen with a V2, or at least what you’re describing sounds similar to what happened with mine. It was probably a year or two ago that I saw this. Unless anyone else has any input, it’s most likely dead. I don’t know the reason, but for me I have huge gorilla hands and don’t really worry about static… so I most likely broke mine.

I can say though, that I have purchased a few hundred controllers with this being one of the only ones that had an issue. If you are just controlling simple setups or displays, you can try out our App. Just search Pixel Lights in the Apple/Google stores and you can find it.

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V2 has a completely different wifi setup process than V3. What you described sounds normal for v2 when you save on the wifi setup screen. There’s one big catch with v2, if you enter a password less than 8 characters it will not let you connect.

If your password is 8 or more characters long, I don’t know why it wouldn’t work.

Some stuff to try:

Sometimes on my Mac I had to turn wifi off, wait a sec, and back on for it to see new networks. I’d give that a try.

Signal issues can sometimes appear like bad passwords. I’d check that it’s not near anything metal or wires by the antenna, and try a different power supply.

Try a different device, just in case it’s related to the device you are using.

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Thinking more about it… I did have some really cheap 12v-5v step downs I was using at that time.

I’ve had success with a cheap router I set as an AP to connect controllers to.

I did have a V2 that could only be connected to with Firefox on an Android, if that’s what you’re using to connect to it. I could connect easily with iOS, but it was tricky with the Android phone. So trying different browsers and devices could help.

Hopefully the os and browser issues have been sorted out in later versions, but that is a good point, especially if it might be running an older version.

Yes some buck converters can’t handle the quick bursts of power needed by the esp chips when they use their radios.

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