Fusion 360, Eagle or other CAD model for Pico+

Hi! Is there a CAD model for Pico+ (Pico with 6-axis) available? I took a look in pixelblaze/V3/hardware at master · simap/pixelblaze · GitHub , but from Pixelblaze V3 Pico - Tiny WiFi LED Controller – ElectroMage Shop it looks like the button placement is different so a new CAD model would be helpful

Many thanks!

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I want to know too so I can perfectly center the 6-axis sensor in my staff! (which is coming together, just got some 21x12mm O rings to keep the strips in the center of the acrylic tube shaft!)

@wizard is out at a conference right now, but I tried to make a real rough one for you guys quickly.

I started from the open source .BRD files for the existing Pico we see here:

I converted it from a 3D PCB to a 3D model by exporting/importing to/from .STEP.

Then I made some very rough adjustments to the bodies and components - a quick glance will show you it’s not that accurate and it’s not a clean parametric design, but the outline, height, holes, light, and button should be accurate enough to design an enclosure (those are the components I’m usually modeling around). I also marked the IMU (accelerometer) in red and moved it’s centroid to the origin, so hopefully these are the axes you’d be measuring movement around.

In this .zip is a .f3d Fusion archive and a .STEP:

Pico Plus - rough version CAD.zip (1.3 MB)


That’s awesome, thank you! I’ve imported it to my enclosure design now already