Gamma Correction Tables


I was wondering if the Pixelblaze V3 has gamma correction tables built in for APA102 or other LED types?

Or are the raw RGB values sent straight to the strips?

I ask, because I have gamma correction tables that I use on my other controllers (256 values for r,g,b) so I can load them up - Just don’t know if I need to or not.

Also, is there a built in HSV to RGB conversion function (and vice versa)? as my tables are RGB only.

I have these functions as well, but it’s a lot of additional code…


I looked at the gamma correction table early in playing with PB, and it’s not worth the effort. If you are using HSV, just square or even better cube the V, and you’re damn close to the gamma correction value.

See my graph here

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Interesting, so if my gamma is close to 2.8 (and they usually are), I can just use the v cubed trick.

Gamma correction does make a difference in my LED strips, I’ll try some experiments.