Generating 2D Patterns From Pooling Knitting Plans

I made a tool for taking a pooling knitting plan and generating a preview and code for a Pixelblaze pattern. Here’s an example!

Patterns are printed by cycling through the colors of the pattern, repeating the specified number of pixels. The knit type control specifies whether to wrap around the pattern at the end of a line or start at the end of the next line and go the opposite direction. The scroll rate controls the preview and sets a default scroll rate, a slider is also created in the pattern.

Everything is live updating, and I’ve been having a great time randomizing patterns, locking various aspects into place. I recommend playing with various widths and numbers of colors, hitting randomize and seeing what happens.

Here’s a pattern playing on the 56x16 matrix I just built for SOAK (Pacific Northwest regional Burning Man)

Enjoy, and let me know if you run into any issues :purple_heart: