Glad to share some amazing mazes

Some reels showing how subtle color patterns can be created by using moiré-like grids, printed on transparant foil. I used just one strip of some 50 pixels and some famous pixelblaze patterns.


That’s really interesting! Can you show a picture of what you mean by printing on transparent grids?

Hi Jeff, the setup is quite simple. In the back a strip of 50 (standard 144 leds/m) then two transparant foils each at 3 to 5 cm distance, in the front a satin (frosted) pmma on which the image is projected. The foils are A4 size with various patterns printed in black. See this link!AjTtVE9sDNlLhNROmgWKq6oJdiy96g?e=fb0w99

For those who like matrixes: beware of running into color-noise. (where all hues melt together in a vague kind of pink)
I prefer slow pixelblaze patterns with dark zones, they are more impressing because of the shadow effect.
I hope this will inspire code crunchers to develop some specific patterns for similar setups.

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