Golfing Task #3 - Cardiac Code Doctoring

If you want to explore smallest and other interesting bits of code that go beyond the basics of Task #3 you can post here.

Would it be considered cheating to use touchRead() and a tiny bit of hardware to try sampling an actual heartbeat? I have no idea how far I’d get with this, but it seems like an interesting thing to try.


I would love to see something like that! Reminds me of the old match + thumbtack trick.

well… it frustratingly almost works. Made closely spaced contacts of copper foil, surgical taped them near various major arteries, built a simple low-pass filter and…

You can see there’s a signal somewhere in there, but it’s low amplitude and really, really noisy, and any large movement just overwhelms everything.

This has got to be why “real” ecg equipment uses multple sensors, and all the consumer level people have gone the optical route for pulse detection.