GPIO pulldown not sent to followers

I have a strange problem. I have 5 analog inputs wired to the sensor board. They control a lot of functions and they work great. I can change the value on a potentiometer and all the changes get propagated to the followers. However, I also have a bunch of switches and buttons wired directly to a v3. They work great on the V3 they are wired to, but they don’t do anything to any followers. Is there something special about the sensor board, analog inputs, or did I mis something in my script to enable sending the variable data from INPUT_PULLDOWN pins?

I guess only the sensor board data is sent to the followers.

I’m happy with this, since I have a leader with a sensor board and potentiometers, and a follower with its own potentiometers, and I’d like to use both on the follower. :stuck_out_tongue: The patterns will have to use getNodeId() logic. Not that I have played with this stuff at all yet.

In future I think it would make more sense to have separate variables for broadcast data, and the ability to route data from any PB to the group.

Oof. That is a bummer. That kind of kills this project for me.

Ok, now this is a feature request.

It looks like the followers can see all the GPIO variables defined by the leader, but none of the pin reads for the GPIO vars change for any of the followers. And… it looks like there are options in the settings to default to the remote or local analog inputs. I don’t see the same option for local vs remote GPIO pins, which makes me think the followers are looking for GPIO pins on the follower chip, not the leader GPIO pins. I would LOVE to have the same option for all GPIO data sources. This would pretty much mean the difference between using pixel blazes for all my remote devices vs hacking my own solution on a bunch of cheap ESP32 chips… which will take much longer and probably won’t work as well.

Is there a manual way to script this in the meantime? I already played around with nodeID() but that doesn’t seem to be it.

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Right, all the code runs local to each device. The sensor board data is sent to followers. I plan to have a way for at least a leader to send additional data to followers. Possible from followers to the leader and/or other followers.

I probably won’t directly replicate the gpio state, but it would be super easy for a leader to read that kind of data into some variables and then send that along.


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